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Pawtuckaway Beekeeper's DVDs


  • Members only.
  • One month loan - meeting to meeting.
  • Email video desired to the Librarian and they will bring the video(s) to the monthly meeting.
  • If not returned at next meeting - reminder with member name printed in the newsletter.
  • If not returned after 4 meetings - the bill for the cost of video to be sent to the member.

Available DVDs:

  1. The Monk and the Honeybee
  2. Latest Buzz about Small Hive Beetle - Latest Buzz about Russian Queens
  3. The Honey Files
  4. Getting Started in Beekeeping with the Topbar Beehive
  5. Spring Management
  6. Highway Bee Tipover - 911 Emergency Call
  7. Two for One Splits and Divides
  8. Safely Removing Wild Honeybee Colonies
  9. Killer Bees - Taming The Swarm
  10. Bees and How They Live - The Honey Bee “A Profile”
  11. What’s Buzzin - Buzzin Bees
  12. Keeping Bees and Producing Honey
  13. Killer Bees - Lethal Swarms
  14. Hive Splitting
  15. Requeening and Colony Division
  16. Queens, Problems and Solutions
  17. Slaves to the Queen
  18. Nova Presents - Tales From the Hive
  19. The World of Bees
  20. Finding The Queen
  21. Candle Making for Everyone
  22. The Honey Harvest
  23. Africanized Bees (USDA Extension Service)
  24. Nepal
  25. Why Honeybees
  26. The Honeybee- A Growers Guide
  27. Chunk Honey
  28. Assembling Hive Bodies - Assembling Frames
  29. Your Smoker - Reading Frames
  30. Bees
  31. Living with Bugs - Close Encounters
  32. Honey and Beeswax Processing
  33. The Movie "Ulee's Gold"
  34. The Mysterious Bee
  35. Honey Extracting and Bottling
  36. Leeches, Maggots and Bees
  37. Health & The Hive
  38. City of Bees
  39. Killer Bees
  40. Beginning Beekeeping
  41. An Introduction to Beekeeping
  42. The Art of the Sting - Bee Venom Therapy
  43. Bee Venom Therapy - Stinging Demonstrations
  44. Honey in the Comb
  45. A look at Queen and Package Bee Production
  46. Swarm Plus
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